Arcosanti offers fresh local greens to the public!

Arcosanti residents Dan Reiff, David Tollas and Nadia Begin (along with Nadia and David’s son Sasha) brought a delicious selection of kale, collard greens, chard, and basil to the Big Bug Creek Farm Store in Mayer, AZ.  The greens made a splash and joined other local products for sale at this new local shop.

[Dan, Sasha and David at the Mayer farmstore, photo by Nadia Begin and text by Samantha Rose]

Eating fresh, healthy, and local food is an important part of Soleri’s sustainable urban design philosophy and Arcosanti currently has 3 greenhouses that produce a variety of fruits and veggies throughout the year. 

[Dan Reiff in one of the two camp greenhouses, photo by Chihiro Saito and text by Samantha Rose]

Every weekday we have a small farmers market on site that  sells our greenhouse produce to residents and the Arcosanti Cafe.

[Dan Reiff, Isaac Mueske, Mandy Chen and Nadia Begin at farmers market in the Vaults, photo by Chihiro Saito and text by Samantha Rose]

In addition, our Construction Department and workshop participants are currently constructing a new 44′ x 75′ terraced greenhouse.  This structure is the first prototype of a larger Energy Apron that will one day wrap the entire south face of the Arcosanti Mesa.

For more information on Arcosanti’s new Greenhouse/Energy Apron Prototype and to make a donation visit here.

The Big Bug Creek Farm Store is located at 13282 Central Ave in Mayer, AZ.  They are open Monday – Saturday 10am – 6pm and Sunday 11am – 6pm.

[photo by Nadia Begin and text by Samantha Rose]

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