The Soleri Bridge and Plaza has become a favorite location for outdoor events in downtown Scottsdale. This past week and weekend saw the third inaugural Spring Equinox Canal Convergence.

[photos by Chihiro Saito]

This four-day event offered something for everyone on the banks of the Arizona Canal at the Scottsdale Waterfront from the Soleri Bridge and Plaza to Goldwater Boulevard.

Canal Convergence events are a new community tradition in celebration of the Valley’s unique canal culture and history.This is an engaging and inspiring free event featuring innovative installations, hands-on activities, live music , performances and Artisans Markets urban marketplace experience.

During the 2009 inauguration of the Soleri bridge, Paolo Soleri inspired the Arcosanti and Cosanti crew to attend with white parasols. This has now become a tradition. Here we see white parasols used as part of a water-misted covered walkway.

The Arcosanti booth supplied information about the project and upcoming events. Here are Arcosanti residents Rawaf al Rawaf, Brian Thompson, PR representative Samantha Rose and Cosanti Foundation treasurer Mary Hoadley.

On Saturday at Solar Noon FLAM CHEN performed ‘The Solar Ceremony and Equinox Ball’. Look for the report this coming Monday, April 1. 2013.

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