Alumnus Howard Eichen (Sept. 1999 workshop) recently passed away a day after his 82nd birthday, March 2nd. Howard’s time spent at the Arcosanti project was as a fellow investigator into the discovery of a better way to harness technology.

His mind was constantly focused on improving whatever we were doing here. A better building material, more efficient way of doing things, more effective relationships with people “in the business”, in order to advance the ideas Paolo wanted to explore concerning Arcology.

[Paolo Soleri and Howard Eichen; photo and text by Nadia Begin]

We have known few people of Howard’s capabilty and experience willing to take time to participate on site at Arcosanti for the periods he did.

We will miss Howard’s visits with his latest experiment and sad that we won’t be able to contact him with questions about pushing the limits of technology. He was a true collaborator in the laboratory that is Arcosanti.
Rest in peace Howard

[David Tollas and Howard Eichen; photo and text by Nadia Begin]

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