We continue our report from 3/27/2013 about last weekends third inaugural Spring Equinox Canal Convergence.

Part of the event was ‘The Solar Ceremony and Equinox Ball’ performed by FLAM CHEN on Saturday at Solar Noon. 

[photo by Chihiro Saito]

The noon sun coming through the two pillars of the bridge into the exact center line on the plaza floor was intensified through a lense onto powder kept in the centerline runnel. 

[photo by Chihiro Saito]

The powder ignited and a small flame traveled back towards the pillars and upwards on a specially installed post right infront of the pillars.

[photo by Mitzy Strebel]

FLAM CHEN is a pyrotechnic theater troupe based in Tucson, Arizona. They have performed at Arcosanti many times in the last decade, most notable a command performance during the 2009 Alumni Reunion for Paolo Soleri’s 90th birthday.

More than a decade in the making, Flam Chen has amassed a repertoire of extreme theatre, new circus tactics, martial arts weaponry, all set in a medium of fire. Flam Chen creates unique panoramas of spectacle and narrative— Performers spin balinese fire chains, combat with fire staffs and flaming swords, dance with fire fingers and fire fans, eat and breathe flames, and light costume pieces, sculptures and very often the set itself ablaze during the course of the evening.

[photo by Chihiro Saito]

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