This continues our report from Friday, April 5. 2013 about a large concrete pour on the stepped greenhouse right below the guestrooms.

[from left] Here we see workshop participant Chase McCain helping to distribute the wet concrete within the form. In the background we see structural engineer Jason Hale, president of Jason Hale looks on while David teaches Chase and construction volunteer Adrienne Elkin how to evenly distribute and compact the concrete with a large concrete vibrator. 

Jason is generously donating his time on all of the work he has done for the Arcosanti project. 

From left: Adrienne and Chase, David Tollas, Jason Hale, workshop participant Travis Shappell, Dario Fratini and construction volunteer Scott Neigut.

This concrete pour is the back wall of the last upper planter in this stepped greenhouse.

In the background with vest is Zak Zakovi, Cosanti alumnus from 1965, who we thank for his generous donation to the greenhouse. 

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