The exhibition “SOLERI: MESA CITY TO ARCOSANTI”, presently at Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, Scottsdale Arizona, is open until April 28. 2013.

[Opening on February 8. 2013, photos by Sue Kirsch]

You may want to take the opportunity to view some of Paolo Soleri’s extraordinary work before the exhibition closes and all of these wonderful pieces go back into storage in the Soleri Archives at Arcosanti. 

[‘Mesa City – Higher Learning’ scroll drawing]

It is a rare occasion to be able to view the drawings and writing in one of Soleri’s seven metal-bound sketchbooks. You can view a selection of the sketchbook pages on the monitor right infront of the display case. 

On Saturday evening, after the 4 pm viewing of the documentary “Paolo Soleri, Beyond Form” at the Scottsdale Center of the Arts, Tomiaki Tamura and Roger Tomalty with SMoCA Assistant Curator Claire C. Carter will give a guided tour of the exhibition at the Smoca Museum.

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