The 2013 annual VIVALDI Festival, last Saturday, April 20. took place here at Arcosanti on the Colly Soleri Music Center stage.

It started with a delicious meal in the Arcosanti Cafe. The main dish was Polenta Pasticciata with Beef or Portobello Mushrooms with Gorgonzola, with Sweet & Sour Onions, Ginger Glazed Roasted Vegetables, Mediterranean Lentil Salad, Herbed Feta Salad, and Vanilla Ice Cream with Berry and/or Chocolate Sauce for dessert.

The Terpsicore Dance Company with Suite 2 from “Suites Femina”. dancers Leela Fazzuoli, Samanth Lupascu, Michelle Milan and Killian Stephens.

[photo by David DeGomez]

Cosanti Foundation President Jeff Stein gave homage to the founder of the foundation, Paolo Soleri, who passed away on April 9. 2013.

[photo by David DeGomez]

Leela Fazzuoli.

[photo by David DeGomez]

Michelle Milan and Nic Duchnowski in a Vivaldi Duet, choreographed by Danna Parker after Vivaldi’s concerto in A Major Op. 4, RV347.

[photo by David DeGomez]

Sophrano Eileen Mager was accompanied by pianist Christine Parker.

[photo by David DeGomez]

During the performance, artist Jim Covarrubias created a painting of Paolo Soleri, which he donated to the Cosanti Foundation at the end of the evening. The painting will be displayed at Arcosanti.

The Vivaldi Festivals are produced by long time Cosanti Foundation board member Michel Sarda.

[photo by Jeff Stein]

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