Bi-Cultural Roadshow The first of three scheduled performances took place last night in the Colly Soleri Amphitheater. This performance started with a Carpetbag Brigade presentation of “Callings”, described as ‘weds the grace of modern dance with the raw lintensity of physical theater in the spectacle-based format of acrobatic stilts. 

The show is a poetic homage to the sirens of the sea and the voices that captivate and haunt us’.

Verbo-Bala & Hojarasca can be seen again in the upcoming performance on Saturday, May 18. and Sunday June 2. 2013.

RISING APPALACHIA was the second part of last nights event. Truly amazing voices of this sister-driven bluesy, folk band from New Orleans” with an unbelievable drummer. Check out their web-site.

Bi-Cultural Roadshow CARPETBAG BRIGADE upcoming performances are 

Saturday, May 18. 2013

Nem-Catacoa Teatro & Hojarasca present “Landscape Reinvention Society”, followed by “Sonoran Strange” from Verbo-Bala

“Landscape Reinvention Society” is a site-specific, ambulant acrostilt performance from Nemcatacoa Teatro. Witness this encounter between the dream of an architect and creative inhabitants from afar. The performance includes strolling music from Hojarasca.

“Sonoran Strange” an intimate spoken word performance with video projection examining the multi-dimensional corridor and portal of the Sooran borderlands – incantations and images created by Logan Phillips and Adam Cooper-Teran, with support from the Arizona Commission on the Arts.

Sunday, June 2. 2013

A cross-cultural collaboration from the Carpetbag Brigade, Nemcatacoa Teatro, Vero-Bala & Hojarasca “Dios de la Adrenalina”

The keystone performance of this Bi-Cultural Roadshow emotionally expresses and releases the pain experienced by communities at opposite ends of the Cocaine Superhighway through the genres of acrobatic stilts, both dance, contact improvisation, spoken word, live music and physical theater.

This groundbreaking performance addresses the historical undercurrents between the USA and Colombia and is supported by the National Endowment of the Arts.

Both shows start at 7pm

Admission $10 per sho – $20 dinner & show

[dining hall open 6-7pm – reservations required

call 928 632-6217 or

e-mail info at arcosanti dot org.

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