Lucas Rodas, a musician in the group Hojarasca, held a workshop in the Ceramics apse at Arcosanti, teaching attendees how to build an “ocarina” – a flute-like instrument used in Andean music – from clay.

(All the photos in this report are by Julia Dorn-Giarmoleo, workshop participant and Archives intern).

Hojarasca is a group of three Colombian muscians from El Carmen de Viboral, Colombia, who play contemporized versions of Andean music. We had the pleasure of hosting the members of Hojarasca with the Capetbag Brigrade’s Bi-Cultural Roadshow for five weeks (see previous reports). Lucas performs on guitar, charango, percussions and voice, he is also an instrument builder and constructed all the instruments the group uses.

He taught all the attendees how to sculpt the clay into two concave parts, and how to carve the necessary holes to allow for sound. Thanks to his wonderful guidance, every ocarina that was made produced sound!

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