Here are photos of the second day of our Juneteenth event this past weekend. It was another day of beautiful music and lots of fun!

[photos in this report by Sue Kirsch; text by Julia Dorn-Giarmoleo] 

The Groovin High Trio (Patrick Adams – trumpet; Nicki Adams – piano; Brian Messenger – guitar) took the stage in the early afternoon, and impressed the audience once again with their musical talents. They were accompanied by Sean Brogan on the bass, and Carlos B. Jones from Impact! on the drums. 
Here are masters Ron Hart on the piano and Gary Fitzgerald on the bass.

Later in the day Bob McKeon (drums) and Rick Jones (bass) had a rather impromptu jam session with Richie Cole (sax), Nicki Adams (piano) and Patrick Adams (trumpet) with Mel Bridges as the vocalist. It was truly delightful to watch (and listen!) to the musicians being spontaneous together. A big surprise was 18 year old Eric Anderson from Flagstaff. He came to visit the event and was invited to play with the group and is an incredibly talented young musician who fit in seamlessly and played several great solos. 

The musicians had as much fun as the audience!

As the evening progressed, local band Impact! played in the vaults, here’s band member Rick Cucuzza playing the Chapman Stick. 

The final show of the evening featured Milt Cannon and the Giants of Jazz on the amphiteather stage. This photo shows Milt Cannon on the saxophone, renowned Gary Fitzgerald on the bass, and Nassim Rashid on the saxophone.

It was a perfect way to conclude the event, a wonderful performance by incredible musicians that culminated an entire weekend of fantastic music.

This is the 15th year that Milt Cannon has organized this event, and if you didn’t make it to Arcosanti’s Juneteenth JazzSplash this year, be sure to mark your event calendar for next year, as this is definitely a not-to-be-missed event!

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