Arcosanti held an All-Site Meeting on June 27th, 2013. All-Site is a meeting organized quarterly by Community Council, where residents can ask questions and voice concerns about community issues to Community Council members, as well as any managers or Board of Directors members who may be in attendance.

[photos in this report are by Carlos Wong, text by Julia Dorn-Giarmoleo]

The scope of the meeting is to create a neutral space where residents can engage in open discussion with each other. Topics at this meeting ranged from questions about how the Board of Directors makes decisions and how to improve communication between Board members and the community, to budgets and housing policies and procedures.

Pictured here are Nadia Begin and David Tollas outlining budget availability. 

Six new community council members were elected: Kate Bemesderfer, Hildemar Cruz-Carreras, Julia Dorn-Giarmoleo, Isaac Muenske (re-elected for a second term), Erin O’Loughlin and Brendan Siegl, joining remaining members David Tollas and Mitzy Strebel.

Pictured here is President of the Cosanti Foundation Jeff Stein, with Kate Bemesderfer, and Travis Shappell. 

Board members, managers and residents engaged in open dialogue with each other, clarifying any concerns or questions, and plans were made to have another All-Site meeting on August 8th, 2013.

Here is Board of Directors member Tomiaki Tamura answering a resident’s question. 

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