Last week Arcosanti had the pleasure of hosting 10 students and 4 teachers from the FIELD ACADEMY. The Field Academy is an academically rigorous program based on experiential education for high school aged students that seeks to “connect, engage, empower, and educate young people from across the United States in order to inspire enduring learning and create a just and healthy world.”

The Field Academy employs the entirety of the United States as its classroom, enabling students to delve into fundamental aspects of education by experiencing a wide variety of places and people.

During the 35 day program, the students explored the ramifications of a current critical issue; the group Arcosanti hosted focused on water and the study of survival and resilience associated therein. They traveled to various places where they observed and considered the topic. Focusing on the Southwest, this group camped in Albuquerque, New Mexico for a week, spending some time at an Indian Reservation, then went on to Mesa Verde, Durango, and concluded their travels at Arcosanti.

[photos and text in this report by Julia Dorn-Giarmoleo]

Arcosanti residents were able to interact with the group on several occasions (including a delicious ice cream social graciously hosted by the Field Academy) and were all quite impressed by the level of maturity and knowledge every member of the group demonstrated.

On the last day of the Field Academy program, the group held a graduation in the Vaults that was open for everyone to attend. Each student prepared a speech or performance and it was wonderful to see the variety of talents; there was a beautiful dance number, several delightful musical performances, eloquent speeches and visual aids and even story telling.

Pictured here is a student giving his speech with a visual aid containing original drawings and song lyrics.

Pictured on the left is a student singing songs that had been meaningful throughout the trip.

We are very thankful that we were able to host this amazing program, and wish both the students and faculty of the Field Academy all the best!

Arcosanti is always open to similar co-operations with educational facilities or programs, for more information please contact our Guest Services Manager at guests at arcosanti dot org

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