This continues our report from 8/19/2013 about the making of bronze bells.

The bells are then cleaned off of any remaining sand, and sanded down, extra bronze [flash] pieces are ground away.

[photos and text by Soleri archive intern Julia Dorn-Giarmoleo]

A hole is drilled through the top, the clapper will hang from here.

Every part of the completed windbell is made on site, here we see Brendan cutting and wrapping the wire through the inside of the bell.

Once the bell is assembled, it is dipped in a vat of muriatic acid, which opens the pores of the bronze and prepares it for the aging process.

The bells remain in the vat for less than an hour, and then are rinsed off and placed in a humidified tub overnight. This process ages gives the green patina that has become emblematic of Soleri windbells.

More about the bronze bell making at Arcosanti on 8/23/2013.

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