This completes our report from 8/14 to 8/21/2013 about how the Paolo Soleri bronze bells are made.

In the 8/14 report we can see the foundry crew preparing the molds for each bell with a sand-casting method. Foundry crew at the moment are Brendan Siegl, Rawaf al Rawaf, Jonas Fister, and foundry manager Andy Chao.

On 8/16 we can see photos of hot bronze poured into each of the molds.

The 8/19 reports shows how the cooled molds are broken down and the bells taken out of the sand.

On 9/21 we reported on the steps of cleaning, grinding, assembling and the process of patina for the bells.

[photos by Soleri archive intern Julia Dorn-Giarmoleo, text by Sue Kirsch]

Here is the completed bell on display in the Visitors gallery at Arcosanti.

Note the crisp new wall display for the bronze bells, designed by Travis Shappell.

Every piece of the Cosanti Collection was designed by Paolo Soleri and embellished by our skilled artisans in sympathy with his compositional standards. Revenues from their sale help to support the construction efforts at Arcosanti.

You can find a gorgeous variety of Paolo Soleri – Cosanti Originals bells at the Arcosanti Visitors gallery as well as at Cosanti, and you can purchase bronze bells and more through our on-line store.

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