Arcosanti IT and utility crews have worked with CenturyLink project manager, engineers and contractors to bring a long-awaited fiber optic line to the Arcosanti site.

[photos by Sue Kirsch, text by Tomiaki Tamura]

They were strung along the existing telephone aerial cable running across in the desert stretch (1+ mile) from the newly installed vault at the Cordes Junction to our server room in the Visitor Center Building.

The previous broadband Internet services provided by the same vendor had the capacity of 3 MB (bonded T1 lines). Now the initial fiber service has bumped it up to 20 MB. It can go to 100 MB and even 1GB and beyond when our needs arise with this new fiber optic line.

Ron Chandler, installation crew leader, working with his staff and construction crew, along with workshoppers provided necessary conduits and handholes placed to carry the fiber once it left the last telephone pole near our site.

More of this on 9/4/2013.

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