The first events of the ‘Paolo Soleri Memorial’ week-end took place at Cosanti. On Friday afternoon a meeting of alumni took in the courtyard between the Cat-cast, Student Apse and the Pool. A was great afternoon of people sharing stories of their time with Paolo and of their hopes for the future of the Cosanti Foundation.

[photos by 2009 Soleri archive intern Anna Tran, text by Sue Kirsch]

Reverent Al Cohen came for a workshop at Arcosanti in 1979 and supported and stayed connected with Paolo Soleri and the Cosanti Foundation all of these years. In the middle we see Deborah Giannini, who worked with Paolo and the Cosanti Foundation in the mid 1980’s and continues to support the Foundations efforts. And in the foreground Nancy Way, who did a workshop in the early 1970’s and has been a staunch supporter all of these years.

These are just a few of close to 400 faces that came to visit this week-end and for this reporter it was wonderful to see so many people that were part of this effort for so many years.

[this photo by Sue Kirsch]

Here is a set of panels with a time-line that Tomiaki Tamura put together of Paolo Soleri’s life. In front of it we see Takako, who came all the way from Tokyo for this event, and was a great help in the archives all during the event, thank you!!

In the late afternoon there was Open House of the Cosanti site with a lively wine and cheese event, accompanied by lovely background music of a harp player, lead to an terrific panel discussion. Costa Mesa architect Doug Lee lead the discussion. He worked with Paolo Soleri for many years from the early 1960s on and had some great stories. Prominent Phoenix Architect Will Bruder, who designed the famous Phoenix Library, also spent some time at Cosanti and followed with stories of his time there and about what he learned from Paolo. Vern Swabeck spoke as a long-time admirer of Paolo and the Dean of Architecture at the ASU Architecture School, John Meunier, spoke of his admiration for Paolos work.

The evening concluded with a night pour.

This report continues on Wednesday, September 25. 2013.

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