This continues the report of the memorial for Paolo Soleri that took place last week-end.

Events on Saturday, September 21. 2013 took place at Arcosanti. Weeks of preparation for this event all over the site finally came to fruition.

From very early morning until late evening Melanie Husband and Kate Bemesderfer signed people in and gave out schedules and information.

[photo and text by Sue Kirsch]

Several of the alum organized a morning gathering in the Vaults to discuss possible ways to continue to help the Cosanti Foundation.

[photos by Anna Tran and text by Sue Kirsch]

People gathered into different teams and talked within specific topics.

The individual groups got back together in the Vaults and each team leader reported on the individual teams efforts.

Here are some of the individual team work sheets.

More to come on Monday, September 30. 2013.

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