Emanuele Piccardo organized a memorial event on September 25. in Genova, Italy to celebrate Paolo Soleri in Emanuele’s home town Genova with the Italians that met Paolo in these years: Luigi Spinelli, Matteo Di Michele, Antonino Saggio, Piergiorgio Tosoni. In this occasion he showed his documentary on Soleri and the participants read the frames of the book Arcology.

The photos arrived this morning, of the event “Paolo Soleri, ricordo di un architetto visionario” at the Order of Architects of Genova.

[photos and text courtesy Emanuele Piccardo]

There was a reading by Emanuele Piccardo, architecture critic and filmaker, from the books:

Paolo Soleri, Arcology: The city in the image of man, MIT Press 1969

Reyner Banham, Scenes in America Deserta, Gibs M. Smith Inc, 1982

There were interviews via Skype with Giuliano Gresleri, architecture historian, director of the magazine Parametro that published the work of Soleri in the 1976; Matteo Di Michele [photo].

Also Antonino Saggio, professor at the School of Architecture University La Sapienza-Rome, William Menkind editor The Architect’s Newspaper.

There also was a projection of “P.Soleri 38’38””, Emanuele’s interview realized in Cosanti in june 2006.

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