Tucson Historic Preservation Foundation Fall Home Tour as part of The interior space of the Chapel is rather small (12 ft x 25 ft) and was completed in 1986 with a series of vault ceiling panels and vertical pieces, together forming “A Tree of Life” creating a peaceful space needed in the Cancer Center lobby for the outpatients, families and friends who deal with serious illness.

In addition, a special assembly of Soleri bells was installed, echoing the cylindrical column on the opposite side of the room.

Soleri worked on the design on paper and made a model for the vault design. The plaster model is very fine silt casting, 13 inches long x 6.8 inches wide and at the arch 2.6 inches high.

The precast panels were produced at Arcosanti siltcasting studio using high strength gypsum cement (Hydrocal FGR-95) reinforced with glass fiber.

When the Cancer Center was expanded, the lobby was turned into a research facilities in 1998. Ever since the Chapel has been closed to the public, until the Cancer Center made it available for the tour last weekend conducted by Tomiaki Tamura, Soleri Archives Director and the project manager for the Chapel project when installed.

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