From the top of the
vaults one can see to the far horizon in all directions. It’s the
perfect spot to sit in the evening and enjoy some of the most amazingly
colorful sunsets. This evening a storm is moving by. [Photo: T & Text:

The curtain of rain
is too far away to give a little evening relief to our gardens. It is a
spectacular sight. [Photo: T & Text: SA]

This is the season
for tarantula spiders. Their habitats are little tunnels in the earth,
which might be why they are more visible when there is a hint of rain
in the air. Workshopper Ricardo Nabholz and volunteer Matteo Di
Michelli are watching this tarantula walking on resident Mark Wighams
arm. [Photo: T & Text: SA]

The local tarantulas
are not known to bite and these gentle creatures do not seem to mind
close proximity to people. [Photo: Steven Ramsey & Text: SA]

Workshoppers Rebecca
Keithen, peaking out behind her, Ricardo Nabholz, Natalia Ortegon and
resident Mark Wigham with a tarantula on his hand. [Photo & Text: SA]

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