The July
workshop participants completed their 5 week program. One day
before graduation here are: >>top left>> Ricardo Nabholz and Eric
Richardson. >>back row>> Pete Falco, Melinda Barnadas, Stephen Ramsey,
Shinsukei Mizomoto, Daisuke Nakamishi, Rebecca Kreithen, Natalia
Ortegon, Isamu Tomono and Chad Phelan. >>middle>> Daniel Boylen, Willy
Salas and Alex Pierro. >>front>> Ian Kessler-Gowell, Stefano Caprianico
with little Anisa Brook, Yvonne Brook with little Robert Brook. [Photo
& Text: SA]

Graduation in the
vaults. Megan Bingham is receiving her certificate. [Photo & Text: SA]

With the graduation
song humming in the background, this is a happy and solemn occasion.
Just like summer camp, people get close during their 5 weeks and it’s
always a little sad to have to say good-buy. Rebecca Kreithen receives
her certificate. [Photo & Text: SA]

Alex Pierro spent
his workshop as part of the garden crew. [Photo & Text: SA]

Daisuke Nakamishi is
staying on as a construction volunteer working on the East Crescent. [Photo & Text: SA]

Yvonne Brooks with
her children Anisa and Robert will be staying on to work in
landscaping . [Photo & Text: SA]

The end of the
workshop was celebrated with a terrific costume party in the vaults.
[Photo: Steven Ramsey & Text: SA]

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