During morning
meeting someone asked about the procedure to get a sink fixed. At this
cue the strangely dressed maintenance team came marching out of the
Lab-building with an ominous looking guitar case. The guitar case was
opened to slowly reveal the tools of the trade. With caulk-guns and
wrenches the team gave a very funny performance to enlighten us about
the maintenance request procedure. [Photo & Text: SA]

Maintenance manager
Randall Schultz [middle] aka ‘Don Renoldo the Odd Father’ introduced
his team: >>from left>>
residents Mark Wingham aka ‘Mario the ‘Oiler’ [Mark says he has
oiled about every hinge on site] , and Gwen Birk aka ‘the Pool Shark’
[Gwen is doing a wonderful and very busy job keeping the swimming pool
workshoppers Danial Boylen aka ‘Vittorio the Watch’ and workshopper
Chad Phelan aka ‘ Alfio the Wrench’. [Photo & Text: SA]

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