From August 4. to
August 10. Arcosanti hosted an annual one-week composer’s workshop with
the California E.A.R. Unit, the foremost contemporay music ensemble
from Los Angeles. The week-long rehearsal and recording sessions
accumulated into the performance of ‘E.A.R. Unit: Circuit Breakers
Festival’ on Saturday evening, August 10. The group delivered a
wonderful selection of pieces hot of the press from the ‘next
generation of emerging composers’. [Photo: T & Text: SA]

Site coordinator
Mary Hoadley is introducing Paolos new book ‘PAOLO
SOLERI’ ‘What If?’ during intermisssion. [Photo: Paul Hunt & Text:

The musicians and
composers at dinner in the Arcosanti cafe after the concert. The menu
consisted of Vichyssoise, Shrimp and Lychee Salad, Chicken Confit,
Exotic Mushrooms au Champagne over Puff Pastry and Passionfruit Sorbet.
[Photo: Paul Hunt & Text: SA]

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