The August
workshop participants are experiencing their first pour and first
tilt-up of pre-cast panels on the same day. >>left to right>> Emi
Joshita, Logan Allen, behind Logan Habitat staff Jeff Kunzelman,Taylor
Mitchell, Takuya Hirota, Charles Qinlan, Amy Baffi, Colin O’Neill and
Sylvia Carbonetti. [Photo: Nadia Begin & text: SA]

The concrete mixer
crew is getting the truck into place and construction volunteer Daisuke
Nakamishi is giving hand signals to crane operator Ron Chandler to get
the bucket into place. Ron Chandler
wears many different hats. Besides operating the crane he manages the
metalshop and is also the camp coordinator. [Photo: Nadia Begin & Text:

>>left>> The mixer shoot is put into position and >>right>> the crane
>>hoists the filled bucket up to the second level for the pour. This is
>>a wonderful view of the desert that surrounds Arcosanti. [Photo:
>>Nadia Begin & Text: SA]

After the pour,
crewleader Brad Bishop is keeping his crew at a safe distance as the
first panel is raised. [Photo: Nadia Begin & Text: SA]

The light scoop
panel for Unit 10 is being raised. To the far right staff Gabriel
Hendrix is pulling a rope to guide the panel into place, while
construction foreman Ray Shong is signaling to the crane. [Photo: Nadia
Begin & Text: SA]

Construction manager
Spencer Marrese is giving
the final signal to put the panel into position. The crews have been
pouring just about every other day and a lot of progress is visible on
the second floor of the East Cresent Complex. [Photo: Nadia Begin & Text: SA]

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