Every once in a
while, usually in combination with a public event, the
Foundry puts on a night pour. In complete darkness the molten
bronze is a spectacular sight. The watching crowd maintains complete
silence, which makes this a very dramatic happening. [Photo: T & text:

Pouring molten
bronze is serious business. At an average the foundry does three pours
per day. But even with a finely honed crew there are always two people
with shovels on stand-by in case of any spills. Shovelers this night
are Jody Smyth III and Liss Williams. Tailing [in the middle] is Tom
Sargent. [Photo: T & text: SA]

After the pour the
lights come back on, the molds have to be broken up as soon as the
bronze has cooled, the bells are vibrated clean and the sand has to be
chopped, wetted and refined to be put away ready for the next day of
molding. Bronze bells provide the major financial back-bone for the
continuing construction and maintenance of Arcosanti. [Photo: T & text:

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