Ecological Design of
Waste Treatment Workshop was held at Arcosanti. The principles behind
the applied ecosystems used in the workshop are commonly known as
“Living Machines” whose background information is outlined in the Ocean Arks website.
During the program, the participants built a system that floats on our
solar oxidation pond. [Photo: Wes Ozier & text: T]

The swimming pool was
used to test out the floating and aeration mechanism so that it would
deliver the desired oxygenating condition when placed in the sewage
holding pond. [Photo: Wes Ozier & text: T]

The floating
mechanism can support quite a few people as they work on the
installation and maintenance of the system. [Photo: Wes Ozier & text:

The baskets that
would hold plants were woven together and would eventually be submerged
into the water below the floats to complete the “Living Machine.”
[Photo: Wes Ozier & text: T]

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