for their unique designs and sounds are sold all over the world.
Originally a small ceramics studio opened at Cosanti in Scottsdale to support Paolo Soleri’s design activities. Later a metal
casting studio was added. [Photo: SA & text: T]

As a part of the
metal production line, Soleri introduced his series called “Special
Assemblies” featuring Soleri bell assemblies with special links.
[Photo: SA & text: T]

Special assembly
links are hand-carved by Soleri himself in styrofoam and later cast
into bronze or aluminum. The process is called “Lost styrofoam casting”
which simply means molten metal replacing styroform piece that has been
packed in foundry sand. [Photo: SA & text: T]

Extensive collection
of special assemblies are displayed at Cosanti and Arcosanti. Many visitors have purchased bells for
their home, commissioned architectural projects, interior display and
gifts. The bulk of the proceeds from the sales go to the construction
of Arcosanti. [Photo: SA & text: T]

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