“Skyview School”,
Public Charter School in Prescott, AZ brought 55 of their students from
grades 4, 5 and 6 to spend 2 days of varied activities at Arcosanti.
This was part of their study program of ancient civilizations and
architecture. The peach orchard in camp was alive with bubbling
activity as a bunch of tents were set. [Photo & text: SA]

Head count at the
pool. [Photo & text: SA]

The kids were
delighted as kitchen crew Jim and Betty flipped burgers for lunch.
[Photo & text: SA]

Parents involvement
is highly encouraged at this school. As part of the experience of ‘Art,
Dance, Drama and Voice’ one of the moms is teaching wire sculpture. The
students made a wonderful selection of little wire bugs. [Photo & text:

The dance ensemble
‘Group Motion” included the children in one of their workshops. Great
fun. [Photo & text: SA]

In the vaults
Randall Schultz and Mark Wigham taught a siltcast class. The tiles designed by the children
will be incorporated in an outdoor theater that is being built at their
school. [Photo & text: SA]

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