Food service manager
and gourmet chef Ali Sadiqui left Arcosanti to return to Baltimore and
continue his studies. Ali has been a highly appreciated member of the
Arcosanti staff and community, not just for his great meals, but also
for his kindness, wisdom and easy laughter. [Photo & text: SA]

For every Arcosanti
event during the past two seasons Ali has planned and executed a series
of delicious meals. Here he is with kitchen helpers Spencer Marese and
Caterina Loy. [Photo & text: SA]

Ali was also a very
active member of the Arcosanti
Community Council. Ali [sitting on the floor] is delivering his
quarterly report on the Cafe< /a> during the June all-site meeting. [Photo & text: SA]

Ali will be missed.
[Photo & text: SA]

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