volunteer Soren Manillen is measuring the layout for a relief design
that will be imprinted into the concrete wall of the light scoop in
Unit 10 of the East Crescent Complex. [Photo & text: SA]

The very middle of
this drawing shows Paolo Soleri’s design for this wall. [Photo & text:

Construction foreman
Ray Shong is discussing the best way to cut out the separate pieces of
the design with Jeff Masty and Spencer Marese with volunteer Isamu
Tomono looking on. [Photo & text: SA]

Here is the outside
formwork of this particular wall. [Photo: Nadia Begin & text: SA]

Mounting the relief
patterns on the wall form before the reinforcement bars are placed.
[Photo & text: SA]

Ray Shong and Maria
Gonzales pose in front of the completed form work with design that will
eventually show up in reverse on the outside concrete wall surface.
[Photo: Nadia Begin & text: SA]

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