Shinya Hirawaka is
one of the Japanese students participating in a program that follows
the Five-week Workshop. [Photo & text: T]

[From the left] Takuya Hirota, Shinya Hirawaka and Nobuya Katsura spend time at the
Soleri Archives as a part of their learning opportunities at Arcosanti.
The hands-on training includes sorting out, cataloguing and scanning
archival materials, supervised by Sue Anaya. [Photo & text: T]

For late afternoon
snack, Isamu Tomono [Left] with a help from Takuya and Shinya made
“So-men”, Japanese summer noodle soup, for the construction crew.
[Photo: SA & text: T]

excursions outside Arcosanti include the nearby town of Sedona and its
famous red rock formations. [Photo & text: T]

The closest town of
Prescott provides history from early days when it was the capitol of
Arizona territory before it became a state. Shinya and Takuya pose in
the town square. [Photo & text: T]

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