The Italian
Projects Roma Tre students have arrived. [bottom] Valerio Pellegrini,
Carlo Ciampoli, Alessandro Celleti and Alfonso Rubeis. [top] Anita
Maruccia. The five architecture students will complete a semester
program at Arcosanti earning credits with their University in
construction, model making, woodshop, and a course with Arizona State
University. [Photo & text: SA]

This Italian
Project program links Arizona State University with Universita Roma Tre
as these students will attend one ASU Architecture course this fall.
ASU professor Jeff cook has developed this new program with Arcosanti’s
Italian Project. The students on their way to school. [Photo: T & text:

Randall Schultz is
instructing the students in wood working. Carlo has completed a
beautiful new counter top for EC I and Alessandro is cutting it to
exact size. [Photo & text: SA]

Anita and Valerio
with their wood working projects. For more information on the Italian
Project contact Linda Roby(Public
Relations) or Antonio
Fragiacomo. [Photo & text: SA]

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