The last precast
panel is poured by the September workshop, Roma Tre students and the
Arcosanti construction crew. Continuing construction on the East Cresent Complex Phase Five will be a series of
poured-in-place concrete sections that tie all the precast panels.
[Photo: Wes Ozier & text: SA]

Architect and
planning manager Nadia Begin is observing the pour. [Photo: Wes Ozier &
text: SA]

Architect and
Italian Project manager Antonio
Fragiacomo is finishing off one side of the panel. [Photo: Wes
Ozier & text: SA]

[left to right] Tony Fragiacomo and workshoppers Doug Lemley and Kate Caudill. [Photo:
Wes Ozier & text: SA]

Workshopper Adam
Gabler is enjoying the hard work. [Photo: Wes Ozier & text: SA]

The last pour of
the September workshop was a small wall panel framed in place in Unit
10 in the East Crescent. The wall form was placed in narrow place that
the concrete had to be put into buckets and poured by hand. On top of
the panel workshoppers Russel Bennet and Doug Lemley. [Photo & text:

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