The John Lassen
House in Carefree is known for its spectacular view of the area and was
used in “Zabriski Point” by Italian film director Michelangelo
Antonioni in 1970, coinciding with the commencement of the Arcosanti
construction. Photo & text: T]

In the late 60’s,
Soleri designed a series of 30 plus light fixtures for the house. Here
we are revisiting the house documenting one-of-a-kind fixtures carved
in styroform by Soleri and cast in bronze by our Cosanti Foundry in
Scottsdale. During the current renovation, Scott Riley photographs as
Chris Ohlinger, Cosanti
Originals manager and Abel Alday, Soleri’s special assembly
assistant evaluate the early Soleri works. [Photo & text: T]

The bronze
sculptural fixtures were hung throughout this unique residence. [Photo:
SR & text: T]

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