Arcosanti is a
multi-faceted learning experience for children. People from all over
the world add to an everchanging caleidoscope of personalities, talents
and stories. Resident Mark Wigham and Alumni Teresa Telander are
instructing Anisa, Tristan and Charlie during a silt-cast class. [Photo
& text: SA]

Little Robert is
helping to shovel while his mother Yvonne is working in the Landscaping
department. [Photo & text: SA]

Marlena Mejia is
the summer school teacher. Morning classes in math and spelling,
reading comprehension and lots of drawing are held in the vaults. Most
afternoons are spent at the pool, the most favourite activity. [Photo &
text: SA]

Marlena and the
kids are watching the construction crew during a panel lift. [Photo &
text: SA]

Tristan is giving
the construction crew a thumbs-up. [Photo: Ray Lam & text: SA]

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