Soleri gives a tour
of Arcosanti to architect Mario Botta visiting Arizona as a part of the
Italian Project initiated by Antonio
Fragiacomo. This initiative promotes the Arcosanti project through
academic connections with various universities including Mario Botta’s
school in Switzerland [Photo & text: T]

Ed Werman, Ceramics
Studio manager, demonstrates siltcast bell making process to the group.
[Photo & text: T]

A Tour of the
Soleri Archives often inspires those interested in Soleri’s works.
Botta expressed his interest in the original materials that include
sketchbooks, scrolls and loose leaf drawings. [Photo: SA & text: T]

At Roundtable
discussion moderated by Jeff Cook (Arizona State University) and Tony
Brown (Ecosa Institute), Soleri and Botta exchange their ideas. For
more information on the Italian Project contact Linda Roby (Public
Relations) or Antonio
Fragiacomo. [Photo: SA & text: T]

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