Welcome to [from
left] Filippo Bisconti, Rosario Bisconti, Salvatore Bisconti, and
Angelo Barrale. This group has come from Sicily to instruct our
construction crew in a new building technique. [Photo & text: SA]

[from left] October
workshoppers Abigail Yeates and Eli Michael with
Rosario Bisconti. [Photo: Nabuya Katsuura & text: SA]

Salvatore Bisconti
with volunteer Shinya Hirawaka and alumni Jeff Buderer. [Photo: nk &
text: SA]

The sicilian crew
cooked a wonderful and authentic lunch for the performance of
Musicantica. [Photo: T & text: SA]

This crew has
brought an additional excitement to the East Crescent construction. [Photo & text: SA]

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