Southern Italy’s
oral tradition was presented with a contemporary flavour by
MUSICANTICA. Roberto Catalano and Enzo Fina played in the Colly
Soleri Music Center. The music represents a tradition created by
folk musicians such as fishermen, shepherds, cart drivers, peasants and
street vendors. [Photo: T & text: SA]

Many of the
instruments used by Musicantica are native Italian. Percussion like the
tamburiededdhru. Aerophones such as cane flutes, whistles, recorders
and the most unusual benas, Sardinian single and double cane clarinets
and lovely noisemakers such as castanets, sheepbells and lava stone
clappers. [Photo: T & text: SA]

Also string
instruments like the chitarra battente, the mandolin, the serraggia and
the classical guitar. [Photo: T & text: SA]

At the end of the
show audience danced on the stage to Musicantica’s unique and inspiring
music. [Photo: T & text: SA]

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