Construction on the
second floor of the East Cresent Complex employs a new building
technique, M2 Technology, that uses polystyrene foam panels with welded
mesh, considered one of the most versatile and effective building
systems where applicable. The first batch of panels arrive. [Photo &
text: SA]

The panels are light
weight, easy to handle, fast erecting, and provide excellent
sound-proofing and thermal insulation. [Photo: T & text: SA]

Watching the panel
unloading in distant background are Paolo Soleri and visiting architect
Mario Botta. [Photo & text: SA]

Paolo Soleri. [Photo: Jeff Kunzelman & text: SA]

The inside of a
sandwich panel looks like this . [Photo: Wes Ozier & text: SA]

Within days the
first panels are in place. Since the new system must be adapted into
the previous construction, some tweaking in structural details must be
done at the interface. [Photos: Nabuya Katsuura & text: SA]

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