Despite some fickle
weather the construction crew on the second floor of the East Cresent Complex continues framing. Preparations
for the next pour include the west wall of unit 6, the lower south
walls of unit 6, 7, 9 and 10, a bit of staircase in the stairwell of
unit 8, two columns in Unit 8 and three columns in unit 10, as well as
a north wall in unit 10. [Photo: Wes Ozier & text: sa]

Crew leader Ray
Shong is preparing the big west wall of unit 6. [Photo: Nabuya Katsuura
& text: sa]

Welding manager Ron
Chandler explaines the lay-out of rebar in the unit 8 staircase to
October workshopper Heath Winborn . [Photo: Nabuya Katsuura &
text: sa]

>>left>> October workshopper Abigail Yeates is tying rebar for a colum
in unit 6. >>right>> Construction staff Gabriel Hendrix on the scaffolding, October workshopper Eli Michael climbing and volunteer Shinya Hirawaka and October workshopper Aki Sato clowning. [Photo: Nabuya Katsuura & text: sa]

>>from left>> Volunteer Shinya Hirawaka. Gabriel Hendrix, workshopper
Aki Sato and workshop coordinator Wes Ozier are tying rebar on a
column. [Photo: Nabuya Katsuura & text: SA]

A beautiful Rainbow
over the construction site. [Photo: Wes Ozier & text: SA]

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