>>from left>> October workshopper Cristina Gualniera, sicilian crew members Angelo Barrale and Filippo Bisconti, resident Gabriel Hendrix, Rosario Bisconti, October workshoppers Olivier Le Gall, Valentina Peagno, Paul Thomas, Heath Winborn and Abigail Yeates. [Photo & text: sa]

The October
workshop on their architectural field trip at the Biltmore Hotel in
Phoenix. >>from left>> Heath Winborne, Aki Sato, Olivier Le Gall,
Cristina Gualniera, Steven Talcott, Paul Thomas, Andrew Klee, Eli
Michael, Valentina Peagno, Jordan Stettner, Erin Jeffries, Abigail
Yeates, Karen Pettineli, Workshop coordinator Wes Ozier and Selvam
Rajamani. [Photo: Paul Thomas & text: sa]

The garden crew had
a lot of help from the October workshop. >>back from left>> October
workshopper Jordan Stettner, volunteer Shiobhonn Kelly, October
workshoppers Andrew Klee and Erin Jeffries, garden staff Brett
Schneider. >>front from left>> Garden staff James Moskovic, Agriculture manager Adam Nordfors and October
workshopper Nancy Hackenmiller. [Photo & text: sa]

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