Harvest images from
the garden. October workshoppers Jordan Stettner and Erin Jeffries.
[Photo: Ania Gorka & text: sa]

Garden volunteer
Karen Petinelli and October workshopper Nancy Hackenmiller. [Photo:
Ania Gorka & text: sa]

The garden crew
holds a farmer’s market on the lawn in front of the Ceramics Apse.
[Photo: Ania Gorka & text: sa]

offers fresh picked organic
produce, fresh herbs and eggs from chickens all year around. [Photo:
Ania Gorka & text: sa]

The turkeys, raised
by our garden crew, have taken on enormous proportions. They seem to
spend most of their time with their feathers all fluffed up, perhaps in
competition with the emus which have been their penmates. [Photo: Ania
Gorka & text: sa]

Amazing faces that
remain nameless provide us with a food chain reality when the nation
celebrates the holiday. [Photo: Ania Gorka & text: sa]

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