What is this
activity under the skylight of the Crafts III Building? Maintenance
crew members Gwen Birk and Stephen Levy secure themselves with safety
harnesses. They are getting ready to reinstall the fan-driven heat
tube. During the winter months this contraption fans the warm air
accumulating under the skylight back down into the Cafe 30 feet below. [Photo & text: sa]

>>left>> Stephen operates the pully system that lowers the heat tube
frame. >>right>> At the bottom of the photo Brandy Follet talks to a
customer in the Bakery. Above that gallery manager Joe Hanson stands
behind the desk in the Visitors Center – Gallery. The spacious nature of the building
gives an interesting perspective to these layered activities. [Photo
& text: sa]

Robert and Anisa,
lab mice, watch Maintenance Manager Randall Schultz checking the
fan before mounting the heat tube over the frame. [Photo & text: sa]

This hybrid solar
feature along with direct-solar-gain windows in the building provides
the bulk of the heating needs for the daytime during the winter months.
[Photo & text: sa]

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