Thanksgiving at
Arcosanti is celebrated with a pot-luck dinner in the Cafe. A lot of people prepare their traditional family recipe and a
wonderful selection of mouth-watering dishes appear every year. Ira
Murfin toasts to a good year where much was accomplished, to our
founder Paolo Soleri and all the good people that are part of the
Arcosanti Project. [Photo & text: sa]

The turkeys were
raised in the Arcosanti gardens. Two of the five birds were weighed in
at 40 pds each. Arcosanti Agriculture manager Adam Nordfors proudly
displays this giant bird. [Photo & text: sa]

A wonderful aroma
that only belongs to Thanksgiving, wafts through the whole Cafe and Crafts III building. It was a little bit like home with people
drifting in and out of the kitchen all day long just for a little whiff
of the delicious smells. [Photo & text: sa]

Many Alumni and some
family members came to visit. Paolo Soleri graced us with his presence.
[Photo & text: sa]

It was a beautiful
day and the balcony was a choice spot to enjoy the afternoon. >>from
left>> Garden volunteer Karen Pettinelli, visiting alumnus Brigit
Kutner, November workshopper Olivier Le Gall, garden volunteer Andrew
Klee, archive volunteers Aki Sato and Nabuya Katsura, garden employees
James Moskovic, Brandy Follett and Bret Schneider. [Photo & text: sa]

The italian group
has grown. >>from left>> Poldi, a student from the Academia Di
Architectura in Mendrisio, Tony Fragiacomo, director of the ‘Italian
Project’, sicilian crew members Filippo Bisconte, Angelo Barrale,
Rosario Bisconti, Salvatore Bisconti, ‘Italian Project’ member Matteo
Di Michele, RomaTre students Anita Marruchia and Alfonso Rubeis. [Photo
& text: sa]

A big table filled
with delicious deserts was the most popular feature. Among many sweet
temptations were wonderful home-made pumpkin pies, great cakes and
Brandy Folletts absolutely marvelous pumpkin roll. [Photo & text: sa]

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