The Roma Tre student curriculum included architectural model restoration coordinated by Tomiaki Tamura. They took part in restoring 4 different models. The first project was the repair of the “Venice Wall” model presented at the Venice Biennale in 2000. Alessandro Celleti works on the magnetic walls with textured metal pieces. [Photo: Roma3 & text: sa]

Valerio Pellegrini(Left) and Alfonso Rubeis install a new base for the model of the New World Trade Center which was made primarily with foam-cored board and plastic tubes. [Photo: Roma3 & text: sa]

The New York Pulse Bridge model is usually displayed in the Cafe building at Arcosanti. The bridge was in need of repair since the decking system had fallen apart. [Photo: Scott Riley & text: sa]

The brass model had to be disassembled in order to do the repairs. [Photo: Scott Riley & text: sa]

Gradually the pieces are reassembled. [Photo: Scott Riley & text: sa]

The next project is the repair of the ‘Double Cantilever Bridge’ model, one side of which was broken during transit. Valerio Pellegrini is wrapping plaster strips to make a cocoon mold of the good side. [Photo & text: sa]

Carlo Ciampoli(left) is preparing the surface for the plaster, while Alessandro Celleti(right) works on the details. [Photo: Roma3 & text: sa]

This plaster model was made by Soleri himself in 1960’s with siltcast technique. [Photo: Roma3 & text: sa]

Roma Tre special program has concluded this month after 4 months of hands-on intensives at Arcosanti. >>from left>> Valerio Pellegrini, Anita Maruccia, Matteo Di Michele(Intern/assistant coordinator), Alessandro Celleti, Alfonso Rubeis and Carlo Ciampoli. [Photo: Wes Ozier & text: sa]

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