The seating area facing the Ceramics Apse has become an extension of the Arcosanti Resident Art Show. A display of metal sculptures catches the eye and imagination. [Photo & text: sa]

These pieces are some of the products of the Metalshop at Arcosanti which has a wide variety of welding equipment. TIG, MIG, stick and gas welding are all available to our staff and students. [Photo & text: sa]

During each workshop the Metal Shop Coordinator takes on a new assistant. The scrap metal used for student practice has become quite artistic. The pieces on display are the combined work of more than a dozen students. [Photo & text: sa]

Once an assistant is trained, he or she will be involved in a variety of metal work all over the Arcosanti site. [Photo & text: sa]

Metal shop coordinator Ron Chandler is showing his latest project, a good size movable grill cut from an old roofing tar tank. [Photo & text: sa]

The ‘Super Grill’ is complete. Ron comments: ‘The kids have fun doing art for practice. This is how I practice’. This awesome many layered grill will star at many barbeques at Arcosanti. [Photo & text: sa]

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