Architect Victor Arcos is preparing 3-D images that will visualize the finishing of interior spaces in the East Crescent Complex. Planning Manager Nadia Begin. [Photo & Text: sa]

Planning Department is preparing for closure and interior finishing of the second floor open spaces in Unit 8 and Unit 9 and the light scoop studio in Unit 9. Design issues at the moment are window and door details for these spaces. The room in Unit 8 will be a large classroom which can be darkened for slide presentations. The Unit 9 is planned for temporary student housing. Victor and Nadia, planning intern Ania Gorka and Architectural Advisor Tomiaki Tamura. [Photo & Text: sa]

Victor has been with the planning department for several years. [Photo & Text: sa]

Ania is preparing a window and door detail schedule in order to get bidding quotes. [Photo & Text: sa]

Planning intern Lauren McColl is dividing her time between the planning department and construction. Here she is measuring some of the filler foam panels. [Photo & Text: sa]

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