The workshop divided into separate teams in various departments. Planning and construction intern Lauren McColl is instructing new workshoppers [from left] Buck Hazzard, Lorenzo Alfieri and Michelle Hall. The tough chore is to cut odd-sized pieces of foam panel, wrap it with a wire mesh and secure the wire mesh into place with wire ties. [Photo & Text: sa]

These pieces of pink foam are used as a filler for odd spaces. The construction crew prepares for the next pour to finish up the ceiling of the second floor in Unit 5 and 6 of the East Crescent Complex. [left] Workshopper Sebastien Godbold. [Photo & Text: sa]

Workshoppers Francesca Venturoni, Sebastien Godbold and Berardino Cicchetti are measuring one of the larger panels. [Photo & Text: sa]

The panel has to be cut to fit into a particular space. [Photo & Text: sa]

The foam panel is in place. Construction team member Jeff Buderer is instructing workshopper Corrado Falsetti. [Photo & Text: sa]

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