The Arcosanti bunch is wishing a ‘Safe Journey’ to Nadia, Dave and Tristan Tollas. This was their last morning meeting before a four month trip to Auroville in India. [bottom from left] Manola Maiani, Dave Tollas, Yvonne Brook, little Robert Brook, Tristan Tollas, Nadia Begin, Tomiaki Tamura, Ivan Fritz, Matteo Di Michele and Naguib Nashed. [second row from left] Mary-Ann Multer, Ania Gorka, Michael Bittman aka Dr. Sparks, Ron Chandler, Liz Schiffler, Ira Murfin, Wes Ozier, Gabriel Hendrix, Marlene Mejia and Jeff Kunzelman. [third row from left] Albert Lavenziano, Mark Whigham, Kelli Huth, Jeff Buderer, Lorenzo Alfieri, Emily Clark, Gwen Birk, Sara Merando and Ingeborg Nashed. [top from left] Chiara Voicu, Randall Schultz, Leopolo Angioli, Corrado Falsetti, Jim Huth, Francesca Venturoni, Michael Rae Teslow, Stephen Levy and Buck Hazzard. [Photo & Text: sa]

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