This is one of the beautiful paintings of alumna Paula Wittner. It graces the the office of utilities manager Scott Riley. Utilities is an area of constant expansion and maintenance. Pumps and waterlines, fire suppression systems, commercial and residential gas lines, sewage treatment, lots of timers in various locations, in other words, all of the traffic inside of the bloodlines of the project. Liz Schiffler is working with Scott, doing extensive research on alternative sustainable energy systems. Electrician Dr. Sparks works in close conjuction with Scott, taking care of the electrical system at Arcosanti. [Photo & Text: sa]

Scott is meeting with the February workshop in the planning office. Under discussion is the beginning of the installation of utilities in Unit 8 and 9 of the East Crescent Complex. Scott took the group on a tour of all the existing and planned utility installations throughout the site. [Photo & Text: sa]

Liz Schiffler explaines the infra structure of sewage treatment at Arcosanti to the February workshop. [Photo & Text: sa]

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